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Outstanding performance: Marking deep feature with our 3D fiber laser markers

High Power Fiber Laser

At Blazer Tech, we offer only the highest quality equipment so you can get the consistent results you need for your business. With a high power fiber laser, you can extend the capabilities of your enterprise and produce exceptional materials for your customers. Our experienced technicians have both a fundamental and complex understanding of advanced laser technologies. We will assist you in choosing the ideal high power fiber laser for your business needs.

Superior Laser Technology

Browse our inventory of laser technology to view the wide variety of different equipment we have available. With the newest advancements in laser technology, the only limit is your imagination when it comes to what you can create. By selecting one of the durable, cutting-edge, high power fiber lasers in our inventory, your business can produce a wide variety of products to satisfy your customer’s needs. Select from acrylic engraving, fabric engraving, metal engraving, and many more solutions.

Creating Custom Laser Equipment

At Blazer Tech, we don’t just offer ready-made high power fiber laser equipment. We also provide the option for custom made laser equipment to fit your unique business needs. We will assess your specific requirements including Materials, Application, Dimension, and Economy (MADE). We will assist you in selecting all of the specifics for your equipment such as machine size, laser type, laser power, and whether or not it is enclosed.

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