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Laser Application Questionnaire

Please try to answer each question below:

General questions on fiber laser to customers:

What will the laser be used for?
Cutting, engraving, or welding.
What materials will you work with laser?
Metals, wood, plastics, paper, textile and leather
Fiber lasers for cutting all metals.
Fiber laser markers for engraving all metals.
CO2 lasers for cutting and engraving wood, plastics, paper, textile and leather.
What is the shape of the raw materials?
Plate, tube (round, square, C stub cross sections), curved objects.
What is the maximum thickness of raw materials?
Cutting thicker materials needs to use higher power lasers.
Higher power laser markers allows rapid marking.
What is the length and width of raw material? Or what is the length of tube?
Plate length and width. Tube length.
Do you need automate exchange table (for fiber laser and CO2 laser)?
This will allow easy loading of metal plates on fiber laser. 
Do you need to have enclosure (for fiber lasers)? Or will the laser be used in high traffic area? Note that all CO2 lasers are enclosed and protected.
Enclosure is recommended for fiber lasers with power over 1500W or at high traffic area.
What is the marking area of fiber laser marker?
15×15 cm2 up to 30×30 cm2.
Minor questions to customers:
What is the production yield on a daily basis?
High yield (manufacturing scale laser runs over 4 hours per day).
Medium yield (laser running time of 1-2 hours per day).
Low yield (laser running time of less than 30 minutes per day).
In the case of CO2 laser, do you need to have a camera accessory for pattern recognition while doing cutting? Or do you want to have dual head laser?
CO2 laser has an option to have camera or to have dual laser head to increase production.
Do you need financial assistance?
50% down payment after ordering, the rest can be paid before delivery or at a monthly basis.