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Outstanding performance: Marking deep feature with our 3D fiber laser markers

Laser Cutting and Engraving Fabrics

CO2 laser with wavelength of 10.6 micrometer can be strongly absorbed by organic materials, which will produce a local high temperature zone for cutting or engraving a variety of fabric, cloth or textiles. The high temperature process produces sharp and sealed cutting edges.

The motion of laser beam can be controlled with micrometer precision. Laser patterns can be replicated over thousand times with high accuracy and great speed to provide consistent high quality. Laser is contact-free, and there is no need to pin down soft materials, and no risk of distortion or deformation.

CO2 laser can be used on the following fabrics: cotton fabric, polyester or synthetic fibers, denim or jeans, canvas, fleece, felt, Kevlar, lace, leather, linen, Nylon fabric, silk, and wool, among many others. Unique laser cutting and engraving outcomes can be achieved by adjusting laser power and speed to suit specific materials.

If you have a unique type of fabric or material that you would like to use laser to cut or engrave, please feel free to contact us for help. We will test your material to find the best laser type and operation conditions for you without charge.