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Laser Metal Cutting

Fiber laser cutting machines offer the ability to affordably cut metals to highly intricate metal parts, prototypes, and customized pieces in house rapidly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. The high reliability of fiber laser enables service life of many years with minimum maintenance.

Fiber laser operates at a wavelength, where laser power can be absorbed by metal efficiently. The small beam size (1 micron), and excellent beam profile make fiber laser ideal for cutting many metals at high speed. Fiber laser needs only one third of electricity of CO2 laser. It does not need cooling system, requires short down time, minimum maintenance, and low operating cost. Fiber laser can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, and copper, among many others. Not only it can cut sheet metals, it can also cut metal tubes (circular and square cross section) if an attachment is used.

Boston Laser Tech (Blazer-tech)’s fiber lasers are manufactured with US produced laser parts of high quality and standard. The cutting performance is dependent on laser power, wavelength, spot size, beam quality and power ranges, and will be designed to meet your need. No matter you have a production line or small shop, Blazer-tech can provide you with a metal cutter that produces the best speed, low operating cost, and high quality cut.

If you would like to receive a fiber laser cut sample or want more information on fiber laser, please feel free to contact us and/or visit us at Boston for a demonstration.