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Laser Wood Cutting

Are you looking for a laser that can engrave or cut various type of wood? 

Wood is a wonderfully versatile material and is easily processed with a laser. In fact a Blazer-tech laser will enable you to create impressive, intricate designs in almost any type of wood. CO2 laser can be used to make decorative items, toys, plaques, artistic craft work, awards, souvenirs, Christmas decorations, gifts, signage, architectural and toy models, puzzles, maps, and intricate wood inlays.

How does a laser process material?

A focused laser can burn wood locally, which is confirmed by smoke generation during processing. Since laser does not exert pressure on wood, there is no need to fasten or clamp, which saves processing time. Higher laser speed will normally lead to cleaner edges. A main benefits of CO2 laser is that it can engrave or cut with extreme details and accurate edges, even for complex designs with odd shapes and sizes. Since no wood chips are created, the time needed for post-production cleaning is dramatically reduced.

What is the thickness of wood that can be cut by CO2 laser?

Factors such as laser speed and wood type affect laser’s cutting ability. 50 W CO2 laser can cut through ¼ inch wood in a single pass, and 150 W CO2 laser can cut through up to 3/4 inch wood in a single pass. Cherry and walnut require up to 25% more power than maple, and solid oak often requires even more. We have rich experience with processing woods and can provide a material processing chart as your starting point.

Can any type of wood be cut and engraved with the laser?

Wood is an organic or natural material and is easily processed using a CO2 laser. The outcomes depend on wood properties such as density and resin content. Soft woods including pines, cedar, or balsa wood will require a lower laser power or higher speed so as to prevent burn marks. Hard woods require a higher laser power or slower speeds to ensure cutting and engraving effect. Woods such as plywood made up of glued wood pieces will need compressed air to process.