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Outstanding performance: Marking deep feature with our 3D fiber laser markers

One Time Customer, Lifelong Friend

Blazer-Tech will be in laser business for a long time. If you purchased a laser product from us, you will receive the best available customer service. Other than the standard one year (or two year) warranty, your laser will be placed under lifelong observation. (1) Each laser purchased from us will be automatically registered, and we will periodically send you information such as winter caution, coolant exchange, mirror check, and grease exchange, all for free. (2) If you wish, we could also provide annual tuning up, where an engineer will be sent to your laser, and check and ensure all is fine. You only need to pay the flight, local transportation and lodging for the engineer. (3) In the case of emergency, you can request for a rush field assistance, and an engineer will be sent to your site within 2 days. You will need to pay the flight, local transportation and lodging, as well as the rush hour fee (one day $200) for the engineer. (4) You can also purchase an annual service plan (or insurance) to ensure your laser is always running with peak performance. The service plan (or insurance) costs $1,000 per year, and covers all laser emergencies occurred during operation.

Dedicated USA technical support: Life long no charge technical support (except emergency and accident)