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Outstanding performance: Marking deep feature with our 3D fiber laser markers

Warranty and Return Policy

One Year Warranty
Customer satisfaction is our priority. We will help you every step of the way once you decide to purchase our lasers. We ensure you will get the highest quality of post-sale service. We offer a one year warranty on every machine, including all parts, from the time of product arrival or installation at customer site. During warranty, we will repair or replace any defective parts free of charge. 
Please find below the conditions of warranty.

Conditions of Warranty
1. The warranty only applies to original purchasers of products sold by Blazer-Tech.
2. Any after-market modification or add-on will not be warranted.
3. This warranty is only valid for normal use and excludes the following:
(i) Acts of God such as fire, freezing, flood, lightning or improper electric current.
(ii) Service or alteration done by non-authorized personnel.
(iii) Damages incurred through improper use and wrong operations. If hesitated to make changes, please ask us. 
4. Blazer-Tech is not responsible for any software programs, data, and information stored on any media or parts of any product repaired or replaced by Blazer-Tech.
5. The conditions of warranty does not include any third party software or virus related programs caused by any software not provided by Blazer-Tech.
6. Blazer-Tech takes no responsibility for loss of time or data from hardware failure. All customers are responsible for backing up any data. Blazer-Tech takes no responsibility for any loss of work (downtime), for any product requiring service repair.
7. Blazer-Tech offers annual renewal on its warranty. In the event of reselling our product to a third party, the warranty becomes null and void.
8. Any repair or service is outside of the warranty, and is the responsibility of the owner at their own cost. Blazer-Tech offers on site repairs or service at reasonable cost.

Return Policy
Money back guarantee if the machine is returned in 30 days and in like-new condition. A 10% restocking fee will be charged to any return. The followings are non-refundable: return shipping and handling charges, and training and installation charges (if any). The delivery shipping and handling fees will be used as the basis for non-refundable return shipping and handling fees. Not-returned accessories will not be refunded. Please keep the original crate and packaging for possible return. Please call us prior to returning any products for confirmation.