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Outstanding performance: Marking deep feature with our 3D fiber laser markers

3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine - Blazer Tech

3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine

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This robot fiber laser cutting machine allows dynamic 2D and 3D space cutting of the most complicated object. The 3D control of fiber laser head is achieved precisely, and rapidly with a Swiss robot. It eliminates strict requirement on the operator skills, and reduce labor intensity and costs. It can be widely used to fabricate automobile sheet metals, 3D kitchenware, and sports equipment.

  • Single-arm top structure, the device could realize any point cutting
  • A1-A6 axis use Swiss-imported controller and motor to make sure high running and dynamic performance.
  • The maximum moving speed can reach 120 m/min
  • CNC controlling achieved with a LASMAN robot system
  • High level integration, perfect function, high stability