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Fiber Laser Tube Cutter (6 m long) - Blazer Tech

Fiber Laser Tube Cutter (6 m long)

Blazer Tech

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The laser tube cutting machines can cut metal tubes of a variety of cross sections such as square, round, rectangle, D-shaped, and hexagon. The metals can be stainless, carbon steel, galvanized steel as well as high reflection metals such as aluminum. The tube cutter can cut 0.5-10mm thick carbon steel tube, 0.5-10mm thick stainless steel tube.

  • Square tubes: 20×20 to 150×150 mm2
  • Round tubes: diameter of 20-210 mm2
  • Single mode laser wavelength: 1070-1080 mm
  • Laser power: 1000-3000 W
  • Tube length: 6 meter
  • Max moving speed: 60 m/min
  • Max accelerating rate: 0.5 G
  • Positioning accuracy: ±0.05 mm/m
  • Reposition accuracy: ±0.05 mm
  • Machine weight: 5000 Kg